Holiday home Parmolaina

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Parmolaina, nominated by the well-known magazine Geo Saison “Il Nido d’Amore” (The Love Nest). Once a neglected barn, now a romantic rental holiday home for two. Franco Cortonesi is an Insurance Assessor, his wife, Luciana, a clerk. Despite they’re not skilled in Interior Design, they turned, with an exceptional awareness, a dilapidated barn into one of the most beautiful vacation rentals in Tuscany. This little house is very comfortable and it gives a sense of coziness without being kitsch. The modern components, courageously set during the renovation, don’t interfere with the intimacy, but, they help to make you feel at home. The floral decoration, the paintings, the types of pane and the [drapes (USA) / curtains] have been selected with care; tissues, chandeliers and pillows are matched both in material and colors. In front of the house there is a little olive grove, beyond some hills, and in the background Siena’s silhouette. The roses, lavender and rosemary’s fragrances are mixed in the evening breeze; now and again, deer stroll on the lawns, some pheasants leave with a leap. Therefore, the perfect place to take a vacation for two.

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